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April 1977

a play by Ken Hill   Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster.../ ➝

March 1977

a new play by Philip Martin

Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster

December 1976

Jack and the Beanstalk Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster Book & Lyrics by John Hartoch Music & Lyrics by Gary Yershon.../ ➝

November 1976


a new play by David Pownall


This was a political satire based on the UK’s latest financial crisis, requiring a massive loan granted in 1976 by the International Monetary Fund to James Callaghan’s Labour government.

I remember writer David Pownall having a hard time with those of my colleagues who were on the hard left. They were, not unusually, disdainful of what they considered his small-l liberal political analysis. I was naive about such matters at the time. To me, it was impressive that David had manage to find any drama at all in the subject.

I had a nice role, as a kind of hippy Mr Fixit, for which I wore a greasy wig and a huge sheepskin coat. At least, I think it was sheepskin. The photo below, in which I’m talking to David Boyce,  shows my face with a kind of instant tan on it. I don’t know, and can’t guess, why that would have been.

My other memory of the production is the minor scandal which attached to the inclusion of a small section of masonic ritual,  culminating in an authentically masonic, surprisingly jaunty song, for which I provided piano accompaniment. Freemasonry had — still has —  a reputation for secrecy, so the local lodge was unlikely to have been pleased at what was being shown onstage.

Most of it — the excitement of joining the EU, the twinning of UK towns with European equivalents of similar size and character– belongs to another era. But the petty power struggles of local politics are unlikely to have changed much.

October 1976

Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster

July 1976

A Summer Horromime by Ken Hill :

with songs by Ian Armit, Ken Hill and Charles Gounod :

musical director Gary Yershon :

directed by John Blackmore :

Duke’s Comedy Playhouse on the Central Pier, Morecambe.

December 1975

Cinderella Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster Book & Lyrics by John Hartoch Music & Lyrics by Gary Yershon.../ ➝

November 1975

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
by Bertolt Brecht
directed by Bob Carlton at the Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster
David Boyce as Arturo Ui

September 1975

Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster

Director John Blackmore  :  Designer Claire Lyth  :  Lighting John Beckett  :  Music Gary Yershon