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May 1980

by Georg Büchner directed by Nick Hamm Gate Theatre, Notting Hill.../ ➝

April 1980

adapted by Phil Woods and Michael Bogdanov : directed by Christopher Honer : music & lyrics by Gary Yershon : Gateway Theatre, Chester..../ ➝

December 1979


Bristol Old Vic

musical director Neil Rhoden :

directed by John David

December 1979

A radio pantomime by John Morley with Alfred Marks, Polly James, Hugh Paddick, John Bott, Jenny Twigge, Michael McStay, and Fenella Fielding as the Genie of the Ring and a pantomime horse A magic lamp awaiting a quick rub down; an innocent young lad willing to do the same; a carpet (and a castle) flying […].../ ➝

December 1979

Gary Yershon – singer/songwriter..../ ➝

October 1979

by John Vanbrugh directed by Christopher Honer Gateway Theatre, Chester.../ ➝

October 1979

by Bertolt Brecht music by Elaine Streeter Tom Wilkinson as Puntilla : Reg Stewart as Matti.../ ➝

August 1979

by Rony Robinson songs by Gary Yershon Theatre Royal, Stratford East.../ ➝

July 1979

music and lyrics by Colin Sell : written by Wendy Murray and the company : Jan Austen, Kevin Elyot, Wendy Murray, Annie Tyson, Gary Yershon : directed by David Carson Direct Current Theatre Company at the Arts Theatre, Great Newport St :  .../ ➝

June 1979

a musical by Colin Sell Direct Current Theatre Company at the Arts Theatre, London..../ ➝

April 1979

directed by Jonathan Chadwick

poster credits:
Dave Weekes (design)
Veronica Bennett (photo)

January 1979

Palace Theatre, London

When I joined the chorus on a six-month contract, the production was in the sixth year of its run.


December 1978

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury.../ ➝

November 1978

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury.../ ➝

October 1978
September 1978

by Rony Robinson

with music & lyrics by Mervyn Stutter.

musical direction by Gary Yershon,

directed by Jonathan Chadwick

Theatre Royal, Stratford East

poster: Jeffery Jones

June 1978

Chester Gateway Theatre

directed by Christopher Honer

with musical direction by Colin Sell

April 1978

My principle memory of this is the leap all Joseph’s brothers — of which I was one — had to make when we entered. It involved us running off a platform and jumping on to the theatre’s unsprung, concrete stage floor ten feet below. Our knees, ankles and backs increasingly suffered as a result of this […].../ ➝

February 1978

Another verbatim-remiscence project from the Gateway Theatre, Chester, this time directed by David Thacker. It was about people’s memories of their experiences in the education system. Not a particularly happy project, this one. There was tension between David Thacker and the writer, Ron Rose, who didn’t see why edited research material needed to be the […].../ ➝

December 1977

in a version by Rony Robinson : music & lyrics by Mervyn Stutter : directed by Christopher Honer : Gateway Theatre, Chester  .../ ➝

December 1977

Theatr Clwyd

November 1977
Gateway Theatre at Chester Cathedral : James Hayes as Doctor Faustus :  directed by David Thacker

The principle joy of this production was the wonderful James Hayes in the title role.  He has since written an entertaining memoir about his half-century as a working actor called Shouting in the Evenings:  50 Years on the Stage

Doctor Faustus has some great speeches, but the comic scenes, which were the ones I was mostly involved with, can be hard work.  I remember struggling with the material. I assume the audience must have struggled, too.

This was the first of three plays I did at Chester with David Thacker, Chris Honer’s associate director. After a fifteen year gap, we were to encounter each other again at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

September 1977

verbatim theatre from the Gateway Theatre, Chester

July 1977

EMMA Theatre Company on tour in the East Midlands.../ ➝

June 1977

E.M.M.A. Theatre Company

on tour in the East Midlands